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      If you want to remain looking and feeling your best, you need a steady flow of Testosterone or androgens coursing through your blood. An unfortunate side effect of ageing is that your body produces less and less testosterone. This decrease in natural production occurs as early as age 18 in many men. Low Testosterone can result in both physical and physiological breakdown in the male body. Symptoms include decreased muscle mass, fatigue, low sex drive, depression, anxiety as well as an increase in upper body and abdominal body fat. Fortunately LXW PRO-T can turn this process around and kick-start your body’s production of natural testosterone!

    LXW PRO-T is the #1 selling testosterone booster on the market today! Whether you are looking to pack on lean muscle mass, increase your indurance and stamina or increase your libido and sex drive LXW PRO-T can help!

      Various studies have shown that supplementing more than the typical "free testosterone" has lead to an increase in muscle in several different ways. Testosterone has been found to increase muscle mass by increasing the amount of muscle protein synthesis in the body. This has led to both the increase in fat-free muscle mass and muscle size. Testosterone, an anabolic hormone, has also been found to limit the effects of Cortisol, a catabolic hormone. Increased testosterone trumps the Cortisol, which usually breaks down muscle mass. Testosterone has also been linked to an increase in the number of red blood cells. This improves oxygen flow throughout the body and can help to increase endurance in athletes.

      Men taking LXW PRO-T as directed enjoyed all the youthful vigour that increased testosterone provides. Benefits include increased muscle mass, increased speed and agility, increased strength, and of course a more vigorous sex drive. Now is your chance to take advantage of this 100% all natural supplement. Get ready to feel and perform like you were 18 all over again!  L-Arginine Study |  Tribulus Study 1
Tribulus Study 2 |  Icarin HGW Study 1  |  Icarin HGW Study 2  |  Avena Sativa Study 1

      L-arginineL-Arginine is an essential amino acid that has multiple health benefits when taken in doses larger than those normally obtained from the diet. In 1998, the Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery showing that blood flow is regulated by nitric oxide (NO2).Study 1

      Recent studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris when taken in the proper dosage and with other precursors can increase free testosterone by nearly 300%. Study 1 | Study 2

      Horny Goat Weed is a time-tested aphrodisiac that increases libido in men and women, and improves erectile function in men. One of the flavonoids, icariin, is believed to play a role in the sex-boosting effects of the plant. Study 1 | Study 2

      Guarana is chemically identical to caffeine and has been used for thousands of years by natives of the Amazon to help maintain their stamina, and increase their physical endurance. This boost in metabolism helps your body burn more fat as well as reduce water retention, giving you that hard, refined chiselled look.

      Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root vegetable that has been cultivated and consumed in the Peruvian Andes for centuries (Chung F et al 2005). This dried root is a rich source of amino acids and mineral nutrients, such as iodine, iron, and magnesium.

Avena Sativa contains active steroid saponins, sterols, flavinoids, and amino acids. Thus Avena Sativa is used successfully by many supplement manufacturers as a key ingredient when formulating testosterone boosting supplements. Avena Sativa possesses powerful antioxidants and can be used to obtain increases in sports related performance. Study 1

When taken as directs, LXW PRO-T’s proven formula will work to increase your body’s production of natural Testosterone. This is accomplished by providing a tried and tested blend of natural ingredients in the proper concentrations. These ingredients work together and fuel your body’s testosterone producing engine. Taking LXW PRO-T on a daily basis triggers your body’s production of FSH “follicle stimulating hormone” which in turn tells your testes to kick into testosterone production mode!

As levels of testosterone continue to increase in your body you begin to notice the physical and psychological benefits of higher testosterone levels. Men report having increased energy, increased stamina, faster recovery, massive increases in strength and significant lean muscle gains. Additionally the increase in testosterone triggers feelings of self-confidence, euphoria and general well-being. Your sex drive should also be running in overdrive!

As your body continues to benefit from LXW PRO-T and your testosterone levels remain elevated, the results are astonishing. Increased testosterone results in more lean muscle mass, lower body fat concentrations and increased performance, agility, stamina and endurance. This boundless energy and vigor propels your workouts to a whole new level and gives you a boost in the bedroom. LXW PRO-T sets your sex drive on fire. Men report having massive increases in libido and stamina while on LXW PRO-T!

      Testosterone is the fuel for a man’s sex drive. LXW PRO-T directly contributes to a better sex life by increasing your testosterone levels and helping you perform at your peak ability. LXW PRO-T is packed with vital nutritional super elements that take your libido and sex drive to the next level. With your increased energy and vigor you can take your workouts to the next level both in and out of the gym. With increased testosterone come massive boosts in stamina, energy and confidence. It just stands to reason that more testosterone = better sex. So fuel your body with LXW PRO-T and experience what a T-Boost can do for you!

      LXW PRO-T Supercharges your workouts and your sex life. Fueled by the increased muscle mass, self-confidence and the euphoric energy associated with increased testosterone, you now have the libido and stamina to satisfy the women in your life. We all remember what it was like being 18, LXW PRO-T lets you perform like your 18 but with the knowledge and experience you have gained along the way. It’s the sexual fountain of youth in capsule form... 1 natural pill a day and you will wonder what took you so long to give it a try!

     LXW PRO-T is easy to use: Simply take 1 capsule each morning or before your daily workout. For an extra boost take 2 capsules per day for the first 7 days to increase your initial testosterone production cycle. REMEMBER: Testosterone production takes time. For maximum results, use LXW PRO-T Daily for 120 days then take 30 days off before restarting your cycle.